"Every human being, by the mere fact of being born, has the right to health, nutrition, education, housing and a dignified existence. Every human being has the right to happiness and the fullness of his or her existence ".

Poverty, hunger, disease, war, terrorism, exploitation, clash of cultures, discrimination, environmental upheavals, but also loneliness, despair, insecurity. All this is intimately linked to the current, inhuman and violent system of life.

A system based on aggression and competition, on the frantic accumulation of goods, on the exercise of violence legitimated to obtain particular benefits. A system that can therefore only bear these fruits. Therefore, it would be naive to expect an evolution towards a better world by means of short-term reforms that do not radically transform the current scale of values ​​and the social, political and economic organization of the world in which we live.

It is absurd to continue to believe that evolution and progress come from the current financial, economic and governmental system. It is precisely this system that has produced this situation and that wants to maintain it.

This system cannot be improved, it cannot be perfected: it is simply to be rebuilt.

The only way out is for people to take charge of the change, starting to organize themselves and to act in first person, starting from their daily and immediate environment, to then extend their action to the limits of their possibilities.

Only peoples can give solutions to peoples' problems.

Today, many individuals and organizations engage in various social activities in good faith. However, no truly significant transformation is possible except by collaborating on a global project aimed at creating a new human civilization.

The same activities promoted by Energia per i Diritti Umani would risk not reaching the desired transformations if they were not part of a larger global and non-violent project: the Humanist Movement, a project that, moving on the cultural, social and political field, it is activated in 110 countries involving millions of volunteers. The aspiration that moves it, is the realization of the Universal Human Nation, where each individual, for the mere fact of being born, has his rights to health, education, equality of opportunity and the right to happiness and fullness of one's existence.

Universalist Humanism aspires to build a Universal Human Nation as a goal of the human social process. Working for this goal involves an action methodology consistent with its ethics. This methodology is nonviolence.

Nonviolence can be understood as a determined system of moral concepts that reject violence and as a strategy of struggle consisting in the systematic denunciation of all forms of violence exercised by the system.

It recognizes among his own antecedents the actions developed by Mahatma Ghandi, Martin L. King and Kwame Nkrumah, among others.

Unlike pacifism, which is a denunciation of armaments, nonviolence is constituted as a method of action and a lifestyle.

This method of action combines the internal coherence of thinking, feeling and acting in the same direction, with the social coherence of treating others in the way one would like to be treated.

The human being, in his movement towards freedom, that is, in the struggle to overcome the conditions of pain and suffering, finds in the methodology of nonviolence an instrument of transformation of the historical-social environment coherent with the construction of the Universal Human Nation and with one's internal unit register.

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